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Second Saturday Metal Detecting Hunt

We host this monthly metal detecting hunt only for club members. The Hunt Chairman determines a location and the Items-to-Find List. The locations generally fall to places in Snohomish and King counties and will be announced a week ahead of the hunt. Participants receive prizes for finding items on The List. This is a great event to meet club members, get some metal detecting in, and keep those skills fresh.  

Second Saturday has COVID-19 Rules and precautions to keep club members healthy and safe. Please read them before deciding whether to participate.​

2024 Second Saturday Schedule

09:00 - Noon each date; No hunt in July

  • January 13

  • February 10

  • March 9

  • April 13

  • May 11

  • June 8

  • August 10

  • September 14

  • October 12

  • November 9

  • December 14

The Second Saturday Hunt Prize Payouts
  • 1 golden dollar for each item found

  • 1 silver dime for wheat cent, silver coin, or any old coin

  • 1 silver dime for any silver or gold jewelry found

  • 1 silver quarter for Find of the Day

  • these are awarded at the regular club meeting following the hunt

Second Saturday Results

March 12, 2022 > Meadowbrook Park, Seattle, WA


If we've been to this park before for a Second Saturday, it's been a while. Today's hunt had 13 club participants, 10 of whom found at least one item from The List, while 3 got skunked. Word is the weather was good (for early March in Washington State), and most had a good time.


David came away with the Find of the Day - a silver bracelet. Kari brought in five items: four from the list plus a Wheatie.

Items to Find List


  • Foreign Coin

  • Jewelry

  • Token

  • Dog Jewelry

  • Key

  • PNDQ

Pilchuck Treasure Hunting Club Second Saturday March 2022
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