Christmas Holiday Party & Potluck


Every December, the monthly club meeting is replaced by a festive Christmas Party and Potluck. Members gather to celebrate the holiday, the club, each other, and vote on Finds of the Year.

2021: December 15

The Party

The Club catered the event: Pizza, Lasagna, Salads, Beverages, Snacks.

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Finds of the Year

20 club members submitted each of their top five metal detecting finds of 2021.

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2019: December 18

Perfect Attendance

Those with perfect attendance ...

  • Pat S.

  • Mike K.

  • Walt E.

  • Ray D. all regular 2019 monthly club meetings were entered into a drawing for a magnificent prize. President Dave L. drew the winning name from the tin, and it was Ray D. He’s now the proud owner of a 1922 U.S. Silver Dollar.

Finds of the Year

18 PTHC members entered the contest, and each was awarded a silver quarter. Everyone present voted for their three favorite entries and the top three vote getters are, in no particular order:

  • Mike K.

  • Ron A.

  • Kari D.

Each of the top three received as the grand prize, a silver dollar. 

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Surprise Raffle

President David L. surprised the festive crowd when he announced that this party would include a free raffle where everyone present was given a raffle ticket for a chance at three special prizes. The first winner was Bennie F., who received a 1925 silver quarter. The second winner was David L. who received a silver half, and the third winner and top prize recipient was Kari D., who received a 2013 $5 Canadian Silver coin in uncirculated condition.

Pilchuck Treasure Hunting Club raffle award - 2013 Silver Canadian Dollar
Dice-in-the-Pie-Pan Game

The coveted prize in the “Dice-in-the-Pie-Pan” game was $20 in coins. When all the dice rolling was over, member Ron A. ended up with that.

Potluck and Food Drive

Thank so much to everyone who brought in food for the party. We had quite the spread from which to choose.

Thanks to those that donated non-perishable items. We collected a couple of grocery bags full, and Dave donated them to a local food bank.