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The Copper Cache


This competition is currently inactive.

The Copper Cache is a members-only hunt. A member hides the copper token and provides clues as to its location. Club members then use the clues to search for the token and any other items the hider may have included (this option is at the hider's discretion). 

Clues are revealed every couple of weeks or so and distributed via email only to club members. 

The club member that finds the cache reports the discovery to the club's Secretary. The news is then disseminated to membership. The club's Board may also award a prize for finding the Copper Cache. 

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Competition Rules


In earlier times, the Copper Cache was known and Steve's Stash and the Cookie Cutter Caper.

Most Recent Copper Cache

August 2020

This is the last instance of the Copper Cache competition our club had before we decided to put it on hold.


  • TOKEN: Copper Cache

  • HIDER: Mike C.

  • HIDDEN: August 24, 2020

  • FINDER: Unknown

  • FOUND DATE: November 22, 2020

  • LOCATION: Jetty Island Ferry Launch, Everett, WA

How did it end?

Received a report from Mike that the Copper Cache has gone missing. Again! Mike went on a reconnaissance mission the other day to check on it, only to discover that it and the 8 quarters he had placed around it are gone. He's revealed it's hiding place should anyone want to go check it out.


Everett's Jetty Island Ferry Launch. Along the south side near the grassy area between the picnic tables and the boat cut in half. The Cache was hidden within 30 feet of the boat. 


1. 8/24/2020 > It’s not where it was on Friday [8/21/2020].

​2. 8/24/2020 > I can almost touch the salt water where I lay. 

​3. 8/28/2020 > If you stand close to me and face South you will see North.  

​4. 9/4/2020 > There are Masts to my Southeast. 

5. 9/4/2020 > The Boat is split.  

​6. 9/12/2020 > You can catch fish or crabs not far from me. 

​7. 9/24/2020 > There is an island 300 yards west of me.

8. 10/4/2020 > There is a public boat launch to the North of me.

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Highlights from previous competitions.

August 2020

  • TOKEN: The Copper Cache 2

  • HIDER: Vaughan D.

  • HIDDEN: Sunday, August 02, 2020

  • FOUND DATE: Tuesday,  August 24, 2020

  • FINDER: Mike C.

  • LOCATION: Ferguson Park, Snohomish, WA​​

Pilchuck Metal Detecting Copper Cache 2

Competition Rules

This competition is for PTHC club members only. Well, anyone may find it - that’s a built-in risk - prizes will be awarded only to members.


  • Copper Cache must be found using a metal detector

  • When you find it, email to claim the find and your prize


  • The hider periodically provides clues to the cache’s location until it is found. These clues will be distributed to members by email, and at the monthly club meetings.

  • Hide it somewhere north of the Ship Canal Bridge in Seattle and south of Stanwood, WA

  • Hiders may offer additional booty to the finder if the mood strikes

  • Booty can be hidden with the cache (or nearby)

  • Booty can be awarded as an extra prize without being hidden


  • Silver dollar for finding the Copper Cache

  • Silver dime awarded to finder for each clue needed to find it

  • PTHC Board may change the prize offering at any time

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