Get the Lead Out


We've introduced a new competition for club members: Get the Lead Out. 



As Treasure Hunters we all pull lead and trash out of the ground - some of us more trash than treasure - and we should recognize ourselves for it, document it, show the good we do for the parks, community and environment.

Competition Goals

  • Clean the environment

  • Funds for the club or local charity

  • Recycling of valuable materials

  • Acquire future permissions to private lands

  • Club publicity

  • Engage current membership

  • Attract new members

  • Positive collaboration with Washington state agencies

2022 Weigh-In Schedule

  • January 19

  • June 15

David will bring in a scale

Get the Lead Out Results

Club Member
Lead Weight
Scott J.
4lb 1oz
Ron A.
10lb 1oz
Vanessa S.
17lb 9oz
Vaughan D.
Mike K.
1lb 7oz

Accumulative Totals

YTD Weight
Total Funds
33lb 6oz
33lb 6oz
Get the Lead Out Prizes


Top Three Weigh-Ins in each receive a silver half dollar

Get the Lead Out Rules
  1. This is an on-going competition.

  2. Item must be found while metal detecting.

  3. Finds on public and private lands are allowed (please be sure to get permission for private lands, of course).

  4. Any property within Washington state.

  5. At two specific regular club meetings (January and June), the club president will conduct an official Weigh-In for any active club member who brought in lead. The three highest weight amounts will receive a silver half dollar.

  6. To win the prize you must also donate the found lead to the club.

  7. The Club must turn in the donated lead to a metals recycling establishment and deposit all earned funds into the Club Treasury.

  8. The Club will send a notice to Washington state agencies announcing the lead-removal accomplishment, with an expectation of earning some good publicity and positive collaboration with these state agencies.